Our Yard

Our Yard

Over 150 Acres of Agricultural Amendment Processing

Lopez Ag Service sits atop 152 acres in Sacramento, CA where we recycle, reuse, produce and process many types of agricultural products. Our wide variety of agricultural products include Omri Listed Organic Compost, Omri Listed Landscape Compost, Organic Chicken Manure, Rice Hulls, Rice Hull Ash, Recycled Gypsum,  Ag Gypsum, Humus, and much more.

Daily Operations and Facility Recycling Operations

  1. Process and Recycle Commercial Greenwaste
  2. Process and Recycle Construction Site Wood into Fuel Wood
  3. Process and Recycle Dry Wall into Recycled Gypsum
  4. Picking, Sorting, and Processing Stations
  5. Organic Soil Screening and Processing
  6. Custom Soil Screening and Blending

From transport and trucking to agricultural services, our recycling and composting facility in Sacramento runs daily.